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#87 Rise, Goddess of Fate and Destiny by CruxisLyrica
#87 Rise, Goddess of Fate and Destiny
Rise, Goddess of Fate and Destiny (ACEO Cards No. 87)
Nortia (Original Story)


free for trade \o/

New copic paper.
New drawing pen and ink.
New aquarelle inks.

I have to admit it was a lot of fun to try new things. The card is a simple one (heck I finished the draft during one of my lunch breaks) but for some reason I really like it. The purple magic thing was spontaneously made up, but it really suits her.
#86 Rosy Rose by CruxisLyrica
#86 Rosy Rose
Rosy Rose (ACEO Card No. 86)
Kiniro no Corda 3 (AnotherSky feat. Jinnan to be exact)

Chiaki Tohgane (left)
Kanade Kohinata (right)

I don't know how it happened, but I'm totally hyped for Corda3 at the moment. Hyped? More like obsessed!

AnotherSky feat. Jinnan was the first one out of the Corda3 games I was able to play ---- and it totally sold me. I immediately fell in love with Kanade's design (the hair, THE UNIFORM) and moreover I found my (second) Corda3 OTP u///u even if I tried I wouldn't be able to play any other route than Chiaki's in feat. Jinnan. I love this guy too much - up to the point that I'm wishing for even more games with Chiaki ( well we have the main game and feat. Jinnan but it's still not enough for me ;; )

I loved and enjoyed working on this ACEO card. Only mistake which is bugging me: Kanade's hair is too orange-ish orz I should have used more dark yellow and orange only for dark shadowing. I'll remember this for my next ACEO card.
#84 Puppet on a String by CruxisLyrica
#84 Puppet on a String
Puppet on a String (ACEO Card No. 84)
Going History (Original Pokémon Fanfiction)

Hidé (OC)

I'm not dead yet \o/

Finished this card back in June. Sadly I was too lazy to upload it until now orz

Inspired by some Creepypastas (mostly "Abandon Lonliness") I originally wanted to draw Blue-chan - already dead - calling for help from Red. Somehow the idea shifted to my OC Hidé et violá. Working title was "Hidé uses Nightmare - it's super effective!" The irony made me laugh because no matter what, it's actually Hidé herself living in a nightmare right now. Being controlled and manipulated or maybe she just lost her mind. It doesn't matter which one it is, but Hidé isn't herself and uses her power against friend and foe alike.


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